GOSHEN, Ind. – After years of serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, MDC Goldenrod has changed its name to Goldenrod to reflect its expanding mission. The organization was started as Mennonite Disabilities Committee in 1977 by local Mennonites and Amish to provide care for individuals in their families and congregations. But in recent years Goldenrod has begun serving a broader community.

Leanne Farmwald, director of outreach and development, said the historical connections to the Mennonite and Amish continues today. “The faith perspective that inspired the inception of the organization still runs deep,” she said. “We hope that the change in name will make Goldenrod more accessible to more people.”

The organization’s website has changed to GoldenrodCommunities.org.

Goldenrod has also adopted a new logo and tagline. “The ‘Open Heart’ logo symbolizes the way in which we approach everything we do,” Farmwald said. “As a faith-based organization, love is at the core of our services and every interaction with our community members.”

The new look conveys a light, airy feel to emphasize that Goldenrod is a place of openness and possibility. The color blue is associated with serenity, calm and trust, while yellow evokes cheerfulness and optimism.

The new tagline, “Embracing Ability. Creating Community,” comes directly from Goldenrod’s mission and vision statement. “We don’t treat disabilities, we find capabilities,” said executive director Tammy Friesen. “Where others see limitations, we see potential. We see gifted individuals who, if given the opportunity, can make a difference in their community.”

Goldenrod offers services such as residential habilitation, community engagement and respite care in Elkhart, LaGrange, Kosciosko and St. Joseph Counties in Indiana. Well-trained Direct Support Professionals deliver services which are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual and their family.

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