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On Friday, January 18, 2019, the Goldenrod board of directors was deeply saddened by the need to take action to wind down operations due to lack of financial resources.

Goldenrod has transferred the services formerly provided to community members to another service provider, ADEC, Inc., while still providing housing for community members until our properties can be transferred. Although regular operations have ceased, Goldenrod as an organization will continue to exist until all the final business is concluded.  There are no employees and all business is being conducted by board members, volunteers and contracted services.

Goldenrod is in the process of selling assets in order to fund its obligations. If funds remain after properties are sold and obligations satisfied, they will be passed on to other organizations that serve people with developmental disabilities in harmony with the mission of Goldenrod.

We are grateful that Project Promise remained as a committee connected to Goldenrod but also worked independently by organizing activities, retreats, the Easter passion play, and chicken barbecue fundraisers.  Project Promise will continue as an independent nonprofit organization serving the social, emotional and spiritual needs of people with developmental disabilities through activities and events.

You can contact the Goldenrod board of directors at 574-533-9720 or